N.J. business alliance fighting N.Y. congestion pricing plan

A group of New Jersey business leaders has launched a campaign opposing New York’s plan for congestion pricing.

The Fair Congestion Pricing Alliance is demanding a permanent seat at the table in New York’s congestion pricing idea, the organization said in a news release.

“New York is asking New Jersey to pony up and pay for New York’s public transit infrastructure, and we get nothing back in return?” said Tom Bracken, CEO and president of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced in late August that it had received the approval needed to begin a study of congestion pricing’s impact on the tristate region. If implemented, the plan would impose extra tolls on drivers entering Manhattan’s central business district.

“When you increase the cost of commuting to Manhattan, living and owning a home in New Jersey not only becomes more expensive, but less attractive of an investment,” Bracken said.

The MTA announced a series of public hearings to be held in New Jersey. The first of those, a virtual public hearing in the state, was held Friday.