Fulfillment center in Burlington (no, not that company) looking to add 700 workers

Even more e-commerce jobs are coming to the state. No, not with that company.

Burlington Township-based Radial announced Tuesday that it is looking to hire approximately 700 entry-level fulfillment center seasonal workers — and it expects to keep approximately half of them on after the holidays.

Radial, a bpost group company, is a leader in e-commerce solutions, working with multiple brands at its facility — most involve cosmetics and clothing. The seasonal associates will be at the forefront of e-commerce, leveraging cutting-edge technology to process online orders, including picking, sorting, packing and shipping.

Alex Keyer, vice president of fulfillment services, said hiring already has begun. He chose not to give a starting salary, saying only that the company pays a competitive wage (Amazon starts associates at $18-$21). The facility is at 200 Richards Run.

“Obviously, we’re watching very closely what’s happening in the industry,” he said. “We’ve got Amazon just down the street from us, so one thing we are doing as part of our peak incentive plans is adding another dollar to the base wage for all of our warehouse workers for the October, November and December periods.

“We do a bunch of other things in the facility that’s outside of just the base wage structure, including lunches, gifts, giveaways from our clients, different types of things during the holiday period to attract and drive our culture.”

Radial said it is particularly focused on associate care — from continued COVID-19 health and safety practices, to training and onboarding improvements with added health- and safety-conscious ergonomic tools, to full-time conversion opportunities.

Company officials said that, as the company continues to expand its fulfillment network to scale and match industry needs, Radial is committed to growing the workforce and being a top place to work for all associates.

With the focus on associate experience, Radial has implemented new technologies that enhance the way teams work across the network, including:

  • Health- & safety-conscious ergonomic tools: Radial has implemented lighter carts and robotic assistants (Autonomous Mobile Robots) to collaborate and work alongside employees in fulfillment centers, to take away the burdens of moving products manually throughout the day.
  • Industry-leading multilanguage technology: Tools developed exclusively within Radial that support multilanguage interfaces and provide intuitive, tailored language support, enabling anyone from any background to join the Radial team and be successful. These tools will now support English-, Spanish-, French- and Swahili-speaking associates.
  • Enhanced fulfillment software applications: To improve efficiencies, simplify tasks and reduce steps.