Ciattarelli: Let’s explore allowing out-of-state insurers to sell in N.J.

As a business owner, an elected official and now as an individual buying health insurance on his own, Jack Ciattarelli has had numerous avenues for buying health insurance.

He thinks there should be more.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate, speaking Friday at the annual State of the State of Health Care event put on by the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters, said the state should look into allowing out-of-state insurers sell in New Jersey.

“I do believe competition makes things better,” he said. “Not only in terms of the quality of product quality of service, but also in terms of cost-effectiveness.”

The idea is not a new one. And it does go against a general feeling that New Jersey companies should be doing more business with other New Jersey companies.

Ciattarelli said the bigger key is making sure the coverage that is being sold is worth being purchased.

“Let’s have a discussion about out-of-state insurers competing here New Jersey, so long as they meet our network adequacy requirements,” he said. “We can’t have people selling insurance and then the customers are people who can’t find doctors.”

Ciattarelli said he personally struggles to find what he considers to be a solid individual plan.

“Each year, when I go to renew my policy, I kind of feel disadvantaged that I don’t have more choices available to me,” he said.