Vonage acquires ‘conversational commerce’ company

Vonage, the Holmdel-based cloud communications business, has acquired a Singapore-based conversational commerce solutions firm, it announced Tuesday.

The deal for Jumper.ai will add the company to Vonage’s Product and Engineering Group, the firm said in a news release. The deal will bolster Vonage’s talent, expertise in conversational commerce and more.

“The addition of Jumper.ai’s conversational commerce and omnichannel capabilities fits perfectly into Vonage’s strategy and is a natural extension of Vonage’s offerings,” CEO Rory Read said in a prepared statement. “It transforms customer interactions from notifications and simple communications to conversations across the spectrum of customer engagement points.

“With conversational commerce capabilities, we are meeting new and existing customer needs now, and are positioned to continue to meet their evolving needs well into the future.”

Conversational commerce is a retail trend that capitalizes on the convergence of shopping and conversations on social media platforms, utilizing the chat feature to create a seamless shopping experience, Vonage said.