Show & Tell: Aaron Price talks about this year’s Propelify festival

Aaron Price is the CEO of TechUnited: New Jersey and the founder of the Propelify festival. 

He talked about how this year’s festival reinforced the idea that the tech sector
is on a roll in New Jersey.

“I think the state of the state of tech is that it’s alive and well and growing. We’re getting to a critical mass, so that it’s not just a few isolated organizations and events, but a true community that wants to see one another succeed. I love HAX and Fiserv. But I want to see 100 of those type of companies here. … We’ve got the backing of the right organizations. We’ve got big companies like PSEG, Robert Wood Johnson, Verizon and Cross River around the TechUnited table. We’ve got the ear and the support of the governor and the EDA. So, it does feel like there’s an explosion happening. And I think you’ll see multiple pings on this graph, as it keeps growing.”