Cross River expands financial services and economic inclusion to underserved communities

Cross River Bank on Tuesday announced it expanded partnerships with both Operation HOPE and the Memorial Foundation in order to bring access to financial resources and increased economic inclusion to communities across the country.

The two initiatives are part of Making Waves with Cross River, a campaign dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Our partners at Operation HOPE and the Memorial Foundation have dedicated themselves to empowering individuals and communities to deliver a more inclusive future for all,” said Gilles Gade, founder, CEO and president of Cross River. “For Cross River, giving back comes first, and we are grateful for the opportunity to double down on our commitment.”

While Cross River and Operation HOPE have been partners for more than five years, the two will expand the community-based approach to financial wellness, specifically through HOPE Inside, to Cross River’s Teaneck branch.

HOPE Inside brings coaches to bank branches, providing in-person and virtual financial coaching, educational content and solutions through financial dignity programming to empower individuals with the financial knowledge and tools they need.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Cross River and Operation HOPE partnered to provide resources to individuals and community partners, which included virtual financial literacy courses, small business development workshops and the joint Entrepreneur Training Program.

Also on Tuesday, Cross River announced an expanded partnership with the Memorial Foundation to support the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Social Justice Fellowship Program. The program unites like-minded emerging leaders from across the nation who share a commitment to social justice and who have embraced opportunities to advance change through leadership.