Election results by the numbers

Gov. Phil Murphy survived Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli in a closer-than-both-sides-figured result as the Associated Press announced Murphy as the winner just before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.


Senate President, Democrat Steve Sweeney lost his re-election bid (48%), to Republican newcomer, Edward Durr (52%), a truck driver and first-time officeholder, according to results tallied Thursday.

Many of other the races in the 40 state districts have also been called to choose members of the state assembly and senators in an off-year election that saw Republicans make gains across the state.

In the state Senate at the time of this writing there were 23 seats won by the Democrats and 15 by the Republicans with 2 seats still undecided in District 8 and District 11 where Sen. Vin Gopal and GOP challenger Lori Annetta were not yet called, however Gopal has taken the lead at the time of this writing 51% to 49%.

In the State Assembly there are 43 seats won by the democrats ad 28 by the Republicans with 9 still undecided. Again District 11 is the upset as Assembly candidates Kimberly Eulner trails Marilyn Piperno.

Full election results can be viewed here.