PSE&G joins industry group focused on buildout of EV charging stations along U.S. highways

Public Service Electric & Gas has joined with over 50 utilities across the U.S. in the newly launched National Electric Highway Coalition, to support the buildout of electric vehicle charging stations along the nation’s highways.

The National Electric Highway Coalition was announced by the Edison Electric Institute, an association of investor-owned power companies. Each utility that’s a member of the coalition must commit “in good faith” to create an EV fast charging network across its service territory “using any approach they see fit” by the end of 2023. The U.S. will need more than 100,000 fast charging ports for the 22 million electric vehicles expected to traverse American roadways by 2030, according to the EEI.

PSE&G is working to align utilities in New Jersey in the planning and siting of fast-charging stations across utility service areas in addition to coordinating with utilities in neighboring states.

“Membership in this coalition helps PSE&G build stronger relationships with our fellow utilities, which will lead to a seamless and reliable charging experience for electric vehicle owners,” PSE&G Renewables and Energy Solutions Vice President Karen Reif said. “To alleviate what’s been called ‘range anxiety,’ we want to ensure drivers have access to a charger wherever they are in New Jersey or across the region.”

Through the recently approved Clean Energy Future – Electric Vehicle program, PSE&G will support the installation of 45,000 electric vehicle chargers throughout the utility’s service territory, with 3,000 of those chargers providing fast-charging services along New Jersey’s major highways.

The Clean Energy Future – Electric Vehicle program is designed to support the deployment of electric vehicle chargers across a wide range of customers and sectors, including Residential, Mixed-Use and Public DC Fast Charging. This program offsets the cost of make-ready infrastructure needed to operate electric vehicle chargers.

The PSE&G electric vehicle program is a component of PSEG’s Powering Progress vision for a future where customers use less energy, the energy they use is cleaner and that energy is delivered more reliably than ever.