Virtua/Medtronic collaborate to improve health access for South Jerseyans

Virtua Health and Medtronic announced a five-year plan aimed at improving access to health care and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions in southern New Jersey.

Together, the two plan on removing barriers, particularly for those who reside in underserved communities or face systemic barriers to care. Medtronic LABS, an independent impact-focused organization funded by Medtronic, will simultaneously launch a separate pilot collaboration with the Cherry Hill Free Clinic and Virtua to address care and food access for people with chronic conditions.

“I truly believe technology is the path forward to improving human welfare,” said Geoff Martha, chairman and CEO of Medtronic. “This new partnership and collaboration demonstrate the opportunity to use technology to tackle health challenges in a localized, grassroots way. By taking a data-informed approach, we can help improve access and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions in southern New Jersey.”

“This partnership presents a significant opportunity to accelerate health equity and better outcomes for individuals and families in our community,” said Dennis Pullin, CEO and president of Virtua Health. “Together, we will apply the latest research and innovation to the fundamentals of community-based care, allowing us to identify and empower those who need support to achieve the best-possible quality of life.”

The scope of the partnership includes projects related to heart health and outpatient care continuity. Meanwhile, Medtronic LABS’ collaboration intends to address population health through a program focusing on community health and the Cherry Hill free clinic and food access. Medtronic LABS and Virtua will identify those at risk for food insecurity — due to financial circumstances or limited health literacy — and connect them to free food, nutrition education and social-work services.

“I am honored that Medtronic LABS and Virtua recognize the essential services we provide at the Cherry Hill Free Clinic, and that they are combining their resources and expertise toward enhancing continuity of care for existing and prospective patients,” said Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi, founder and chief medical officer of the Cherry Hill Free Clinic. “The CDC estimates that 20% of Camden County residents do not have health insurance. By creating pathways to care, we build healthier communities.”