At 15,482, state again shatters single-day COVID record (but there is good news)

While hospitalizations are up slightly, number on ventilators actually has decreased — showing vaccines are working

Remember when the state’s COVID-19 case count was just over 6,000 and in record-breaking territory? You know … two days ago.

That seems like nothing now.

On Thursday, the state announced there were 15,482 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 — with an additional 3,178 suspected cases.

The total represents a more than a 50% increase from Wednesday, when the state smashed its single-day record with 9,711. And it’s a 126% increase over Tuesday, when the state reported a near-record 6,840 newly confirmed cases.

All this being said, it does not appear to be a time to panic. The increased confirmed cases are not leading to a flooding of patients in hospitals. The vaccines are doing their job — preventing people from getting seriously ill.

On Thursday, the state said there were 2,241 patients hospitalized, up just 141 from the day before. And, those numbers essentially are holding steady. On Tuesday, there were 2,034 people hospitalized with COVID-19.

The better news: The number of people on ventilators actually went down on Thursday, to 200. On Wednesday, the number was 207, up from 186 the day before.

It’s worth noting: While health officials said those who are fully vaccinated still are able to contract COVID-19, the great majority (nearly all) of the people seriously ill from COVID-19 share one thing in common: They are not vaccinated, health officials say.