Show & Tell: Dr. Meg Fisher talks about COVID-19 cases among children

Dr. Meg Fisher is a world-renowned pediatric infectious disease consultant, a special adviser to New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli and a board member for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

She recently talked about COVID-19 cases among children, and the possible lingering side effects.

“We were stressing so much that children aren’t getting sick, so then parents said, ‘If the children aren’t getting sick, why do we need to vaccinate them?’ It’s an unfortunate situation. … It’s absolutely fair to continue to say most children who get COVID don’t get sick enough to be hospitalized. … We do know that children can get long COVID. They can have those lasting, lingering problems, difficulty concentrating and brain fog, where they can’t read like they used to be able to read, they can’t do math like they used to be able to do math. Fatigue, muscle pain, joint pains — all of the incapacitating things that really are part of long COVID — we know children get that. … The children who get it aren’t necessarily the ones who are the sickest. It can happen whether you have mild disease or whether you had more severe disease.”