Getinge, global provider of health care products, launching Experience Center in Wayne on Thursday

Getinge, a Swedish-based global provider of health care products aimed at increasing quality and lowering costs of health care, is launching the Getinge Experience Center in Wayne on Thursday.

The facility is intended to be a hands-on learning experience, where clinicians and hospital leaders can see the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and medical technology.

The company will open the facility with a virtual presentation in which it will demonstrate its latest advances in technology that it feels will make hospitals more efficient and improve outcomes for patients suffering from COVID-19, cardiovascular disease and other serious illnesses.

Eric Honroth, president of Getinge North America, said the company’s aims are simple.

“Getinge is a leading global innovator of products and solutions that play a vital role in many important areas of hospitals and other health care settings,” he said. “Our technologies are designed to help hospitals increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.”

Getinge, which was founded in 1904, has more than 10,000 employees in 38 countries. Company officials said the opening of the center in Wayne affirms the company’s commitment to New Jersey, where Getinge already has three manufacturing facilities and more than 800 employees.

The event, scheduled from noon to 1, will feature walk-throughs of different areas of a hospital setting, including the operating room and intensive care unit, in an effort to show how Getinge products fit into each of these areas. During this presentation, leading medical technology and product developers from Getinge will demonstrate:

  1. Several recent advances in ventilator technology that are making them more effective for COVID patients and others with pulmonary distress: To respond to the global demand for ventilators, Getinge increased production of ventilators by 160%. The company also introduced the Servo-U MR ventilator, expanding Getinge’s platform of ventilators into the MRI room, an important option to support clinicians and patients.
  2. A heart-lung support system that processes blood outside the body for patients in cardiac or pulmonary distress: Designed to provide extracorporeal heart-lung support for up to six hours, Getinge’s Cardio Heart Lung Support System can be easily and rapidly deployed at the bedside or in the field, offering patients portable support they may need.
  3. A system to harvest veins for use in cardiac surgery: During coronary artery bypass surgery, a vein from a patient’s leg or an artery from their arm is removed in order to use to bypass the blockage of the arteries in the heart. Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting allows for the vessel to be removed via a one-inch incision.
  4. State of the art sterilization systems that seamlessly integrate into existing hospital infrastructures to help speed up the sterilization processes and protect patients and workers from the spread of dangerous diseases/illnesses, including COVID: With T-DOC, Getinge continues to optimize and secure a strong link between the surgical flow and the sterile supply flow in the hospital. T-DOC provides full traceability of instruments, endoscopes, pre-sterile and non-sterile goods used in the operating room while documenting all steps to ensure regulatory compliance as well as the highest level of quality assurance and patient safety.
  5. Software systems and AI technologies that can help hospitals work more efficiently — reducing costs while managing services better so that more patients can get access to care as quickly as possible: Developed to provide an OR management solution, Torin helps maximize resource utilization, enhance coordination and enable the best possible care for patients. COVID-19 caused significant wait times for hospital patients standing by for surgery. Torin helps hospitals manage surgical activities efficiently and Torin OptimalQ allows hospitals to prioritize surgery planning and build an accurate surgical schedule.

You can RSVP and join this event via LinkedIn Live here.