DOL offering $2M in grants (up to $100,000 a company) for retraining

The New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development announced Tuesday that $2 million in funding is now available through the UPSKILL: NJ Incumbent Worker Training Grant to help employers further train existing workers.

The funds will be competitively awarded to New Jersey employers to reimburse up to 50% of the cost of training current, frontline employees to meet current and future occupational skills requirements of high-wage, middle- and high-skill jobs.

Applications are being accepted from individual employers; employer-, labor-, community- and faith-based organizations; and secondary or postsecondary school or training providers seeking to fulfill the training needs of an industry-specific consortium of employers. Individual employers may apply for a maximum $100,000, while consortiums may apply for a maximum of $150,000.

To apply, applicants must be registered and approved by DOL in the online IGX grant management system by noon Feb. 9. Letters of Intent must be submitted via email by noon Feb. 23. Applications and required documents must be completed and uploaded to IGX by noon March 23.

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“As our workforce recovers from the blows of the pandemic, it is important that businesses have the resources they need — not only to retain workers, but to help them thrive,” Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said. “This vital funding will keep our workforce strong and our businesses competitive and ensure both are prepared for a successful future.”

Grant funds are intended to achieve measurable outcomes for employers and employees trained, to “seed” occupational skills training and to support businesses in retaining workers and maintaining a presence in New Jersey.

Eligible expenses include tuition, textbooks, software and examination/credentialing fees for third-party classroom training, on-the-job training and company in-house training. Individual employers may also use funding for up to 50% of trainee wages during on-the-job and company in-house training. Funding may be used for remote training with acceptable documentation.

The grants are not intended to supplement training that would otherwise occur without grant assistance, such as annual or onboarding training.