Vitamin Shoppe opens 1st-ever franchise store, in Greensboro, N.C.

The North Carolina opening will expand its retail footprint in partnership with local entrepreneurs

In a historic milestone in the Secaucus company’s 45-year history, the Vitamin Shoppe opened its first-ever franchise store, located in Greensboro, North Carolina, according to a Monday announcement.

The franchisee is a group of partners, comprising Muhammad Kamran Awan, Preet Kamal, Gurmeet Singh and Husnain Bajwa, who are leading entrepreneurs in the Greensboro area. The partners own and operate multiple businesses across hotels, restaurants, real estate, property management and retail in the region.

Under terms of the franchise agreement, the partners will renovate the Greensboro store into the Vitamin Shoppe’s updated Innovation format, as well as open three new stores by 2024 within their franchise territory in greater Greensboro.

“We are thrilled to partner with a group of entrepreneurs who share our deeply held brand values and envision tremendous growth potential for the Vitamin Shoppe,” said Sharon Leite, CEO of the Vitamin Shoppe. “This unique opportunity to convert a successful, company-owned location to a franchise store under the guidance of local experts will strengthen our business in North Carolina. I’m confident our customers and Health Enthusiast associates are in good hands.”

Announced in 2021, the Vitamin Shoppe’s franchise model offers independent retail operators the opportunity to open stores in their own communities around the United States for the first time since the company’s founding in 1977.