RLS national network adds 2 partners; propels to Top 10 cold chain providers in N.A.

RLS Logistics, a Mount Laurel-based, third-generation cold chain solutions provider, has two new partners added to its network of cold chain solution providers: Hutt Trucking and Logistics, based in Holland, Michigan, and Performance Cold Storage, based in Salt Lake City. The companies will be known as RLS Hutt and RLS Performance.

The addition of RLS Hutt and RLS Performance drives RLS into the Top 10 cold chain providers in North America, offering over 55 million cubic feet of cold storage capacity.

The RLS acquisition model is unique in that it preserves the culture, values and entrepreneurial spirit of family-owned businesses. Furthermore, the network fully integrates its facilities’ systems to efficiently serve customers and optimize communication.

RLS Hutt, a third-party logistics warehouse specializing in cold storage and asset-based trucking, brings over 35 years of cold chain experience and a team of industry experts. The facility’s strategic location and dedicated team will offer a foothold into the Great Lakes region for the RLS network of family-owned temperature-controlled warehouse providers.

“My father and I started Hutt 36 years ago, and we are humbly proud of the opportunities and the people we have worked with over the years,” stated Jim Hutt, founder of Hutt Trucking. “We believe that RLS is the best partner to help us carry forward what we put in place and offer expanded opportunities for the company and team members.”

As part of the Hutt family’s succession plan, RLS Partners brings Ken Whah onboard as the Great Lakes Partnering regional operator and RLS Hutt’s president. Whah brings over 25 years of successful executive experience in the supply chain, sales, marketing, engineering and business leadership.

In addition to the Great Lake Region, RLS’ national network will expand into the Front Range region with the acquisition of Performance Cold Storage, now known as RLS Performance. RLS Performance is a 130,000-square-foot operation that provides cold chain solutions with multiple temperature cold storage warehousing, valued added case picking and transportation services.

Furthermore, frozen and refrigerated customers can easily access the West Coast. The strategic location of Utah offers inventory customers the opportunity to reach the 11 western U.S. states within two-day transit.

“For RLS, it is not just about partnering with the right company; partnering with the right people is equally important. With these strategic acquisitions, achieving our vision of becoming the leading family-owned cold storage provider in the U.S. is within reach,” said Russell Leo, CEO, RLS Logistics.