Organon declares paid time off for all employees on International Women’s Day

Global women’s health care company — and Merck spinoff — Organon is designating International Women’s Day on March 8 as a day to recognize the growing health disparities women face that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a Wednesday announcement.

Organon recognizes the need for a global effort to address women’s health and is starting with its own employees by providing paid time off this year for all employees to attend to their own health needs.

The company invites organizations across the globe to join in raising awareness of the inequity in women’s health and to adopt initiatives that help women prioritize it.

“Organon launched with a commitment to listen to the needs of women, and as part of our research, we learned that women are finding it harder than ever to make the time to care for even their most basic health needs,” said Kevin Ali, CEO, Organon. “As a company investing in innovation to improve women’s health, I felt a responsibility to help address this within our own global community of almost 9,500 employees. This year, the symbolic action we are taking is to encourage all our people to spend this day off to make a commitment to their own health or the health of the women in their lives, whether that’s going to the doctor, taking stock of their own wellbeing or reflecting on how to make a change.”

Organon believes healthy women are the backbone of a thriving, stable and resilient society and, when she is healthy, she prospers and so does her community and her society, for generations to come. Yet, a recent study found that 44% of older women said they waited until a health symptom became urgent before scheduling an appointment — and that number jumps to 62% for women ages 20-34. This is what Organon is hoping to change and asks others to join in the effort to improve women’s health.

“Empowering women to put themselves at the top of the list has always been a priority for HealthyWomen and is an important part of our mission to educate women on the importance of making informed decisions about their health,” said Beth Battaglino, CEO of the nonprofit organization HealthyWomen. “As the pandemic continues to limit women’s ability for self-care, we are proud of Organon for joining the movement and call on other companies to recognize International Women’s Day as a day to honor women’s unmet health needs.”

The company believes that, by improving the understanding of women’s health needs, we are one step closer to closing the inequity gap. Organon urges all organizations to join in this mission and be part of the solution. Visit to learn more.