Tevogen Bio moves to new corporate hub in Warren

Biotech company Tevogen opened a new corporate office at 15 Independence Blvd. in Warren to serve as its central location for developing cell and gene therapies in oncology and viral infections.

The Metuchen-based company has experienced rapid progress. Over 18 months, it has invented and secured several U.S. patents, moved its lead product from discovery to clinical trial, and achieved manufacturing readiness.

The facility in Warren was selected for its proximity to biopharma service providers in the area, its mature medical innovation ecosystem and access to the specialized talent pool, which will all support the company’s expected rapid expansion in cell and gene therapy business.

“Our corporate hub represents an important operational next step to best strategically support the diversification and expansion of our portfolio of T-cell immunotherapies,” Tevogen CEO Dr. Ryan Saadi said.

Tevogen’s off-the-shelf allogeneic T-cell technology overcomes the primary barriers to the broad application of personalized T-cell therapies: potency, purity, production-at-scale and patient-pairing.

The company’s lead product, TVGN-489, is currently in clinical trials for high-risk, adult patients with a SARS-CoV-2 infection at Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia.

Tevogen also recently announced its intention to study its proprietary off-the-shelf T-cell technology to develop therapeutic solutions for multiple sclerosis by developing Epstein-Barr virus-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.