GoMo Health expands management team

Health care marketing executive Lawrence Krampf has been named chief revenue officer of GoMo Health, an Asbury Park-based company working to improve health care outcomes for patients and consumers with evidence-based science on health and wellness.

Krampf joins the firm’s corporate leadership after serving on GoMo’s advisory board, as the Asbury Park-based business is positioning itself for further business development and growth.

“I’ve worked in many aspects of health care, for many years. What GoMo Health delivers in making health care attainable for all people, in all socioeconomic communities, exemplifies the focus today on diversity, equity and inclusion. Offering support, direction, resources and guidance at the frequency and depth that each person needs hits the sore spot for health care today, where underserved populations are perceivably left to manage their own care the best they can,” Krampf said.

The GoMo Health model leverages sponsorship of health care services by hospitals, health systems, plans, pharma and other life sciences providers, extending the reach of care to all who need it.

Community service has been an important part of Krampf’s career. He currently serves on the boards of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Cancer Care Inc., Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce and Hopewell Valley Children’s Theatre.

Krampf is a past chairman of the of board of the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce and the MCRCC, and past trustee for the Garden State Arts Center Foundation, Greater Philadelphia Chamber, NJN Foundation, Luxury Council, New Jersey Tech Council, BioNJ and the New Jersey State Governors Council.