Lower-carbon cement exclusively at Port of Newark

Essex Cement, the only cement source in the state of New Jersey, will be selling Type IL lower-carbon cement exclusively by the end of 2022, sourced from Titan America’s distribution facility located at the Port of Newark.

Type IL is a cement with approximately 15% lower-carbon emissions as compared to Type I or Type II cement. With this shift, Essex Cement will continue to meet customer demand as the supplier of choice for lower-carbon cement in this market.

“Our customers are increasingly requesting low-carbon products, and we are excited that, not only are we able to meet their growing demands, but this shift is parallel to Titan’s commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our products,” said Kevin Baird, president of Titan America’s Mid-Atlantic Business Unit.

Titan America is a leader in the “green” cement sector and currently the largest producer of Type IL sold in the U.S. The outlook is a positive one for green solutions. Specifiers, including the transportation agencies of most states, have embraced the lower-carbon cement, and are increasingly requesting its use.

“Our sales are quickly moving to 100% Type IL,” says Joe Tedesco, sales manager for Titan America and current president of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Concrete Institute. “We see an increase in demand as infrastructure money is budgeted by transportation agencies requiring construction with the use of lower-carbon cement.”