Verisk acquires Chicago area’s Infutor to help with buildout of Verisk Marketing Solutions

Verisk announced Thursday that it has acquired Infutor, a leading provider of identity resolution and consumer intelligence data based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, as part of a plan to create Verisk Marketing Solutions.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Verisk officials said the acquisition further enhances the company’s marketing solutions offerings to companies across several industries, including the insurance industry. Verisk plans to integrate Infutor with Jornaya, which it acquired in 2020, to form Verisk Marketing Solutions.

Infutor provides real-time identity resolution and consumer intelligence to marketers and the platforms and data companies that build products to serve marketers. Demand for Infutor’s services has spiked as the martech and adtech communities prepare for a future without third-party cookies. Marketers have also increased their focus on enriching their first-party data as their new strategy, all while managing risk and protecting consumer privacy in an increasingly complex and evolving privacy landscape.

The focus on first-party data enrichment with heightened privacy and security compliance is especially prevalent in the insurance and financial services industries, where data-driven, personalized marketing plays a critical role in customer acquisition and retention.

In December 2020, Verisk acquired Jornaya to expand its marketing solutions offerings to help clients, such as insurance carriers, improve relevancy and compliance of consumer engagements using in-market behaviors and consent-based data solutions.

Verisk is a leading global data analytics provider on the Fortune 500. It is based in Jersey City.

Infutor CEO Gary Walter feels the deal is a perfect fit.

“Verisk’s data analytics leadership, focus on privacy and marketing solutions assets make this the right strategic home for Infutor,” he said. “We not only have highly complementary data assets, but we also have complementary company cultures that will drive innovation to bring even more value to our customers.”

With the combination of Infutor and Jornaya, Verisk Marketing Solutions can deliver unique and differentiated value to its customers. Infutor’s identity resolution and consumer intelligence solutions deliver the foundational data layer for understanding the person behind every marketing interaction. Combining this with Jornaya’s unique insight into in-market behaviors and implementing the highest standards in the industry for data security and privacy positions Verisk Marketing Solutions as a key data partner.

Matt Lohman, managing director of Verisk Marketing Solutions, is eager to begin an integration.

“We are committed to continually increasing the value we deliver to our customers,” he said. “Bringing Infutor and Jornaya together immediately offers CMOs and marketers a holistic solution for modern, effective and responsible data-driven strategies and programs.

“Most importantly, this integration represents a huge opportunity for growth and investment in our greatest asset — our people. The combined talent of our teams will be a major differentiator that will drive innovation and growth within our markets for years to come.”