Bayonne’s Harbor Point adds solar to 544-unit multifamily property

Harbor Point in Bayonne has just had solar added to the 544-unit multifamily property.

Castle Lanterra Properties, a New York-based national real estate investment firm, along with Pemco Capital, an international developer and owner of sustainable energy infrastructure, and Davis Hill Development, a developer of transformative distributed energy projects, announced the completion of the project, which will provide electricity savings and clean energy to the common areas of the property.

The 938 killowatt Solar PV system will generate 1.1 million kilowatt hours of clean energy and mitigate emissions by 764,500 lbs. of CO2 annually. CLP will purchase the clean energy at a 30% discount for 20 years, providing it with tremendous savings over two decades of the rooftop solar’s lifespan.

Notably, the Harbor Pointe PV system was installed on multiple areas of the property, including its pitched rooftops and the top deck of its multilevel parking lot. By using as much of the property’s southern-facing areas as possible to capture and maximize solar gain, the solar PV system supplies Harbor Pointe with nearly 100% of the property’s common area electricity load, making the campus a model for sustainable design and renewable energy utilization for the region. The solar PV system and its unique design and layout illustrates how flexible rooftop solar can be, across numerous architectural styles, and the ability to provide renewable energy options to a wide variety of real estate projects and designs.