ROI Influencers: Women in Business 2022 — S to Z


We’re tired of hearing from people who say they can’t find women to run their company, sit on their board, take a top leadership role or even simply be on a panel of thought leaders. It’s shameful. And once again, with the release of the 2022 ROI Influencers: Women in Business, we’re proving that the state is overflowing with qualified female leaders who are ready, willing and eager to do all of the above.

Just scroll through our list of honorees, take in their accomplishments and ask yourself: Wouldn’t they be a good candidate for any and all roles at a company where smarts, work ethic and leadership are required?

There are heads of hospital systems, utilities, universities, manufacturers, restaurants, banks, accounting firms, law firms, casinos, construction companies, real estate companies, marketing and public affairs firms, nonprofits … if it seems like we could do on and on, it’s because we can.

And we do.

We’ve included an additional 200 additional honorees, listed A to Z. Some are founders and top executives. Others are top executives, ready for the next leadership challenge. All are accomplished.

Can’t find women? C’mon. Are you even looking?

It’s 2022. And it’s time to realize: If the future is female — the future already is here.

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