John Brooks Recovery Center offers residential gambling treatment program in Mays Landing

John Brooks Recovery Center, the Atlantic County-based recovery center, is offering a new Gambling Treatment Program to assist individuals with problem and disordered gambling.

Just as people develop tolerance to substances and require more and more to feel the same effects, people with gambling problems also need to bet more often or with larger and higher amounts. They all tend to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit.

All patients admitted into the program must also have a co-occurring substance use disorder diagnosis. In addition to its Gambling Treatment Program, JBRC also offers individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, psychoeducation classes, medication assisted treatment, psychiatric services, medical services and educational services.

“There is a Gambling Treatment Program at our residential facility in Mays Landing, as well as our outpatient sites in Pleasantville and Atlantic City,” said Michael Santillo, CEO at JBRC. “We also plan to treat clients in the Atlantic County Jail.”

This program is being funded by a grant from the New Jersey Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services. JBRC was one of only 10 organizations from around the state that were awarded this grant, and the only organization in Atlantic County.

Kenneth Litwak, services supervisor and Level Two International Certified Gambling Counselor, is leading the program at JBRC. This certification comes from the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board.

“Litwak is one of approximately 20 internationally certified gambling counselors in New Jersey and is only one of 10 individuals who are Level Two certified,” Santillo said.

This new program will offer the following services: one-on-one counseling, group counseling and psychoeducation counseling.

“The clients who will be admitted into the program will have substance use disorders diagnosis and a co-occurring gambling disorder,” Litwak added.

JBRC has also been named a gambling treatment provider for the Council on Compulsive Gambling’s 800-Gambler network.

“Our agency is listed on, and when individuals call the 1-800-Gambler hotline looking for help with a gambling disorder, they can now be referred to JBRC,” Litwak said. “This is a fee-for-service grant that will allow up to 26 sessions of treatment in a 12-month period.

“This grant allows for the treatment of loved ones of people with a gambling problem, not just the problem gambler. This contract provides funds that can be used for residential or outpatient treatment, and can even be used for internet gaming disorder.”

JBRC offers a main outpatient recovery center in Pleasantville, an outpatient center in Atlantic City and a residential treatment facility in Mays Landing.