NJCU and Hudson County Community College to offer dual cybersecurity degree

New Jersey City University and Hudson County Community College on Thursday announced they signed an agreement for a dual admissions program in cybersecurity.

Beginning in September 2022, HCCC students can complete an Associate of Science in computer science-cybersecurity at HCCC and move seamlessly on to attaining a Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity at NJCU.

It is the ninth degree program in which NJCU and HCCC have established an articulation agreement. The institutions now have transfer agreements in accounting, biology, criminal justice, elementary education, health sciences, management, nursing and physics.

NJCU President Sue Henderson and NJCU Senior Vice President and Provost Tamara Jhashi joined HCCC President Chris Reber and HCCC Vice President for Academic Affairs Darryl Jones for a signing ceremony on March 17.

NJCU said the increasing and evolving threats of data breaches, phishing, malware and ransomware have fueled new interest in the cybersecurity industry and its struggles.

Cyberattacks cost an estimated $6 trillion globally each year. Hackers target banks, colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, hospitals, private citizens and many others. As cybercriminals access sensitive information and cripple computer networks, victims scramble to protect their assets and regain control.

Sue Henderson. (File photo)

“A degree in cybersecurity will provide students with solid career skills and earning potential in a number of industries,” Henderson said. “We are pleased to work with HCCC to transition students to our bachelor’s degree program, which is among just a few in the country with designations in both cybersecurity and intelligence. Students will learn from some of the top security experts in the discipline and leave with cutting-edge knowledge as well as practical experience.”

Students can plan their transfer during their first semester at HCCC, in preparation for the completion of their associate degree. The agreement guarantees eligible students will have their place at NJCU reserved, further easing their transition to the university.

HCCC students will also have access to NJCU financial aid counselors who will assist with early financial planning and furnish estimates of financial aid and scholarships that are useful in creating a four-year plan for completing the Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity degree.

NJCU’s Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity program provides students with the necessary knowledge, skills and professional training to pursue careers in the rapidly growing field of cybersecurity. The program offers a balance between the theoretical and deep technical skills of cybersecurity. The program is suitable for students who have a desire to join the cybersecurity workforce or conduct cybersecurity research. The program prepares NJCU’s graduates to face the futuristic security-related challenges emerging from our internet-connected world, the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the ever-increasing role of software applications in our daily life. The curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in cybersecurity program blends contemporary knowledge with advanced research concepts to deliver a cutting-edge program mapped with the NSA/DHS guidelines and knowledge units.