Prager Metis names Eitel its chief metaverse officer

Prager Metis has named Jerry Eitel its chief metaverse officer to oversee the firm’s metaverse strategy and operations, the accounting and advisory firm announced Thursday.

In this role, Eitel will manage the firm’s metaverse-related projects and will oversee expansion and planning for Prager Metis’ metaverse clients. He also will manage the company’s office in Decentraland.

Additional responsibilities will include managing the organization of strategic partnerships for companies and individuals looking to scale a brand, while also establishing the partnership ecosystem and management. He also will serve as the liaison between individuals and businesses connected to metaverse-related projects, collaborations and more.

Eitel said he is eager to take on the role.

“Since opening our virtual office in Decentraland earlier this year, we are seeing phenomenal metaverse opportunities,” he said. “It is important for individuals and businesses to have the tools and resources necessary to successfully enter and thrive in this environment. The creativity going into this space is fantastic, and there is significant investment being made, but many don’t realize the compliance issues or the various roles required to execute metaverse projects.”

Metaverse projects may involve a range of roles, departments and partners. Eitel will help lead projects while managing the teams throughout the various phases of each metaverse project. These could include taxation and advisory components for virtual goods, avatars, NFTs, gaming, real estate, events and more.

“Prager Metis and our affiliate Banquet Labs have invested a great deal in training across all practice areas to ensure we offer clients a strategic partner and an in-depth understanding of all things metaverse-related,” Eitel said.

Prager Metis offers educational workshops and web3 tours to provide individuals and companies looking to break into the metaverse with tailored materials and information as it relates to areas of interest. Prager Metis also offers training and onboarding for setting up wallets, blockchain technology, discord moderator training, smart contracts, metaverse host training, and more.

Prager Metis opened the first-ever CPA firm office in the metaverse platform, Decentraland, in January 2022. As part of a joint venture with Banquet LLC, Prager Metis offers real-world services and expertise needed to navigate the metaverse from a strategic, financial, tax and creative perspective.

Prager Metis officials said they have been actively advising and strategizing with businesses and individuals on metaverse questions and projects across a variety of industries, including, but not limited to digital assets, sports, art, entertainment, music, health care, fashion, hospitality, real estate, banking and financial institutions, investment companies and more.