National Energy Partners rebrands as Novitium Energy

With a new name and a new focus, Voorhees-based National Energy Partners on Monday announced it rebranded and is now known as Novitium Energy.

Novitium said it takes pride in having successfully delivered end-to-end renewable energy solutions to nonprofit and commercial organizations for the last 13 years. With a portfolio of over $100 million, it works closely with clients across industries to develop, finance, build, operate and maintain custom solar systems that provide the unlimited clean energy and levelized costs needed to be ready for the next decade and beyond.

The company plans to focus exclusively on commercial solar solutions in order to provide the greatest impact for clients and the environment.

“Novitium is Latin for ‘new beginnings.’ The world is moving into a new era in renewable energy, and we are proud to be a part of it,” Novitium CEO Jeremy Conner said. “We are committed to helping all businesses create custom solar solutions that are a win-win for the environment and their bottom line.”