CarePlus NJ partners with forensic psychiatrist to offer assessments, legal counsel and linkage to care

CarePlus NJ has integrated the expertise of Dr. Diana Riccioli, a forensic psychiatrist who is board certified in psychiatry and neurology, for the launch of its Forensic Psychiatric Consultation Services, which provides a range of comprehensive services to assist legal counsel, courts and probation and corrections departments in northern New Jersey in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Practicing psychiatry since 1995, Riccioli has a breadth of experience working in various settings, including private practice, inpatient, outpatient, crisis intervention and corrections. Additionally, Riccioli has served as a court consultant, and has provided expert testimony in court and during depositions.

Through CarePlus NJ’s Forensic Psychiatric Consultation Services, mental health evaluations are conducted in accordance with the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, and can take place at a mental health facility, a designated space in the courthouse, attorney office, a hospital or correctional facility.

Services include:

  • Forensic assessments: In-depth and objective psychiatric evaluations, record reviews and detailed reporting. Psychiatric evaluations include a diagnosis, mental status assessment, prognosis, treatment recommendations and treatment plans, as well as address referral questions regarding competency, pre-sentence, post-sentence, pre-pleading, guardianship, disability, psychiatric fitness to return to work, placement recommendations and dangerousness.
  • Collaboration with the courts: Court appearances can be provided by one of CarePlus NJ’s experts. In-person or virtual appearances can be arranged.​
  • Expert testimony: Providing streamlined access to experts who have extensive knowledge in their field for organizations that require recurring services in cases including but not limited to: child custody, firearm competency, guardianship, disability diagnosis, domestic violence, levels of trauma and PTSD, psychiatric fitness to return to work and levels of dangerousness.

Consultation services can also address the policy and procedure of psychiatric practices in mental health or correctional facilities.

“We are pleased to partner with Dr. Riccioli to provide a comprehensive range of forensic consultation services to legal counsel, courts and probation and corrections departments in northern New Jersey,” said Amie Del Sordo, senior vice president of hospital and community services, CarePlus NJ. “As a premier provider of integrated primary and behavioral health care, not only are we able to engage our experts to evaluate the competency and mental status of individuals, but we can also link them to the wraparound treatment and supportive services they need after a case is resolved.”