Cross River supports American Veterans through partnership with Heroes to Heroes Program

Fort Lee-based fintech firm Cross River on Wednesday announced its support of Heroes to Heroes, a foundation that offers spiritual healing and peer support for combat veterans of all faiths and backgrounds who are suffering from the post traumatic effects of their service time.

Cross River team members in both New Jersey and Jerusalem greeted and thanked American heroes as they kicked-off and landed on their trip to Israel as part of their spiritual healing journey.

“With Cross River offices in New Jersey and Jerusalem, our employees were able to interact and take part in the healing process for true American Heroes,” said Phil Goldfeder, SVP of Global Public Affairs at Cross River. “We’re thrilled to support Heroes to Heroes, an organization close to our hearts on both sides of the ocean, in this momentous initiative to provide life-saving resources that have the power to impact American veterans for the better.”

Heroes To Heroes is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) organization, providing emotional and spiritual healing, suicide prevention, and peer support for veterans who suffer from Moral Injury. The three-year and beyond program begins with a 12-month curriculum for emotional strength where the veterans focus on building trust and connecting with their emotions as well as their family and peers. Following this period, the next “journey” takes the veterans on a 10-day trip to Israel where they can begin to find reconnection to spirituality, forgiveness, faith and peace into their lives.

“Cross River’s support allows us to save and change lives for the better. Twelve veterans’ lives have been changed and they have chosen life,” said Judy Isaacson Elias, founder and president, Heroes to Heroes Foundation. “This outcome not only affects the veteran, but impacts the lives of family members, friends, and the community. Successfully returning veterans to civilian life is crucial to the future of our country.”

On March 21st, 2022, Cross River hosted a meet and greet and sendoff for the veterans at Newark Liberty International Airport as they embarked on their voyage. At the end of the program, before leaving Israel and returning to the United States, the Cross River team in Israel attended a dinner with the participants, fortifying the bond and support between the veterans and Cross River.

“Thank you for this tremendous journey. It has helped me be closer to God and to appreciate the things I have in my life,” said Alberto Corales Santiago, a Hero from Bronx, NY. “It has taught me to be more merciful with others and to help other veterans in any way I can.”