Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awards challenge grant to CFSJ for South Jersey communities

The Community Foundation of South Jersey is excited to partner with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to seed community endowments throughout the six Transform South Jersey (TSJ) communities—Downe Township, Hammonton, Salem, Willingboro, Winslow Township, and Woodbury.

This investment will foster a long-term focus on asset and leadership development in the South Jersey region, by offering a $50,000 match challenge to each TSJ community.

The significance of this investment from RWJF means each community will have double the assets and signals a cosigning of community philanthropy, democratizing philanthropy, and community leadership that CFSJ supports.

The community endowed fund, paired with the completion of a Heart & Soul plan will enhance the quality of life in each partner community by focusing on the opportunities and needs articulated by engaged neighbors of diverse ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, occupations, races, and cultural traditions.

Each of the endowed community funds will have three years to raise the match contributions. This limited period is intended to provide enough time for success and secure community leaders’ ongoing commitment, creating a sense of urgency without a sense of panic.

“The generosity that RWJF is showing Downe and the whole TSJ initiative is heart-warming. Contributions and efforts like this, in places like Downe, really help make a big difference. It’s exciting,” said Jamie Warner, Downe Township project coordinator.