Sheldon Gross Realty unveils pair of new deals in Summit and Union

Sheldon Gross Realty said it recently added two additional properties to the ranks of those it manages – a 20,000-square-foot office space on Rahway Ave. in Union, and an upscale, retail space in Summit, at the corner of Summit and Springfield Avenues.

Marcy Gross.

“There’s no doubt the global pandemic will change how we’ll manage buildings and properties used for business,” Marcy Gross, president of Sheldon Gross Realty says. “Every other industry is being impacted by the pandemic, and there’s no reason for ours to be an exception. But change isn’t necessarily a negative, and we’ve been experiencing a particular eagerness by property owners to make sure their buildings meet the needs of tenants and prospective tenants. I certainly expect this to continue.”

The Summit location currently features 9 stores – The Committed Pig, The Meat House, Summit Eye & Optical, LaPastaria Restaurant, Fireplace Store, Home Again Design, Cove Carpet/Kelly Flooring, Central Barber Shop, and Ateliers 113 Salon. There currently are no vacancies on the property, but Sheldon Gross Realty’s contract does call for the company to handle full leasing and management. The entire Union building is leased by a single tenant.

“As long as people own office buildings, warehouses, industrial properties, and retail spaces, there’s going to be a need for expert property managers,” Gross says. “If there are changes in what owners or tenants want from these properties, that’s fine. We’ll adapt accordingly – but the essential service we provide won’t change significantly.”

From transitioning out of the pandemic, to the challenges posed by the Great Resignation, it seems change is the only constant and that is evident in nearly every business sector, including the management of commercial properties.

Sheldon Gross Realty sees every reason to be optimistic about growth, and the firm bases its bullish perspective on input from the commercial building owners it communicates with daily.