‘Remote-first’ behavioral health software provider nevertheless joins roster of tenants at Bell Works

CentralReach inks long-term lease agreement in Holmdel

CentralReach, an electronic medical record software provider, on Tuesday said it is relocating from its current offices in Matawan to Bell Works’ metroburb in Holmdel.

The company is expected to begin occupying the space in late summer 2022.

CentralReach will occupy a 25,000-square-foot space at the Eero Saarinen-designed former Bell Labs campus. The company’s staff of almost 400 workers operates on a fully remote basis; however, it partnered with building owner Somerset Development, G3 Architects and Bell Works Creative Director Paola Zamudio and her team at NPZ Style + Decor to create a unique, collaboration-focused space it has deemed “the office of the future.”

“Our company has continued to grow at an impressive rate over the last few years, despite the challenges of being forced to suddenly adopt a fully remote work model,” said CentralReach CEO Chris Sullens. “While we’re proud of our sustained growth over the years, we also came to recognize the importance of a physical space that could facilitate collaboration between all our employees, regardless of where they are working. We immediately recognized that Bell Works was the right setting to turn that vision to reality, and we are incredibly excited to begin a new era of expansion at the metroburb.”

Sullens also views CentralReach’s new collaborative workspace as the perfect complement for the company’s remote-first work policy.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have placed the health and well-being of our staff over productivity and co-location. As we listened to our employees through surveys and other forums, it became clear that a “remote-first hybrid” environment was the one that staff overwhelmingly felt balanced their health and well-being with the productivity we need to deliver for our customers,” added Sullens. “I truly believe our new space at Bell Works, in conjunction with our remote-first hybrid approach, is the perfect complement to foster the advantages of in-person collaboration while still offering the advantages of remote work.”

The new CentralReach office at Bell Works will include an open and highly configurable floor plan, with approximately half of the space dedicated to collaborative work. Meeting rooms and other areas of the office will be outfitted with televisions and other equipment to facilitate seamless communication between employees present in the office and those working remotely.

Zamudio has also designed a space focused on encouraging innovation and wellness to align with CentralReach’s mission of improving behavioral health. The office will also include unique and colorful layouts, utilizing plants and other sustainable materials.

“Collaboration and innovation have always been at the heart of our vision for Bell Works, and we’re proud to welcome a company like CentralReach that is embracing these values to fuel its evolution and adapt to a fast-changing new era,” said Ralph Zucker, CEO and president of Somerset Development. “Together, we’re creating a new model for the office of the future, which can serve as a guide for so many other businesses as they navigate both a return to the office and the enduring demand for remote work.”