Nickelodeon Universe to have 2 autism-friendly sensory days this month

Amusement park at American Dream will lower lights, music and capacity to become more inclusive for those with sensory issues

Amusement parks are great fun for most kids. They are sensory overload for others — especially those on the autism spectrum.

In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, American Dream officials announced that they will have two sensory days at Nickelodeon Universe, on April 26-27.

During these two days, Nickelodeon Universe will be designed to minimize sensory triggers and promote a safe environment for the autism community by adjusting all lights — and limiting strobe lights. In addition, music will be turned down to a much lower volume and capacity will be limited.

American Dream spokesperson Melissa Howard said the facility is looking to make itself more inclusive all-year round.

“American Dream strives to have an inclusive environment for all of our guests,” she said. “We are exploring additional options for these sensory sessions at our other attractions, and extending to a weekly basis.”

In addition to the two sensory days, American Dream will further support the autism community by donating all proceeds from the fountain in the Garden to Spectrum Works, a unique nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to inclusion and education, during the month of April.

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