Introducing ACG NJ’s 2022 Corporate Growth Award honoree

An interview with Dax Strohmeyer, CEO, Triangle Manufacturing

Conducted by Sally Glick, ACG New Jersey, and principal of the firm and chief growth strategist, SobelCo.

Did you know that getting the right people in the right seats on the bus is essential for sustainable success?

At Triangle Manufacturing, people matter most, as they always have throughout the lifetime of this third-generation family business. While so many organizations across all industry sectors are grappling with the “Great Resignation” dilemma, Triangle Manufacturing hired two dozen new employees with a goal to increase and enhance its leadership team. Encouraging new ideas, new approaches, new perspectives and new solutions are the core of this innovative company, positioning it to drive as well as respond to industry trends.

To accomplish this, Triangle Manufacturing accelerated its in-house training. One of the basic fundamentals of its innovative culture is the way it develops its leaders. By linking and aligning a home-grown initiative with three of Franklin Covey’s critical programs, including Unconscious Bias, Leading at the Speed of Trust and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Leaders, hand-picked representatives of the successor generation has been involved in intense role play, collaboration and personal development. All of this has resulted in an environment that sustains innovation. Without people who are willing to take a chance, make a mistake and try things that have never been tried before, there can be no new thoughts.

In December 2021, when others were cutting back, Triangle Manufacturing promoted 12 people, four of whom were placed on the Executive Management Team, and all of whom had been through the company’s distinctive leadership program. And now, with fresh faces in the room who are encouraged to launch unique ideas and explore new paths, there is an evolution taking place that has enabled an even more aggressive growth plan for the future.

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