LURE Outdoor acquired by Montclair-based Pearl Media

Acquisition creates one of the largest street-level Out of Home media companies in the U.S.

You’ve seen their signage on billboards, barricades and storefronts. You most likely didn’t know that it was from New York-based LURE Outdoor. But, on Thursday, it was announced that LURE was acquired by Montclair-based Pearl Media, in partnership with Seaport Capital, making it one of the premier street-level out-of-home media companies in the United States.

LURE Outdoor’s OOH mix encompasses over 120 high-profile street-level mediums throughout New York City, Brooklyn, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The acquisition enables Pearl to provide significant, expanded reach to high-impact media within trendsetting hubs of major cities.

“Pearl Media was born in OOH on the street level, pioneering the acceptance of storefronts into the OOH media mix over a decade ago,” Joshua Cohen, CEO of Pearl Media, said. “Today, the business has grown in several directions; however, we have never lost our love for the medium and we recognized LURE has done an amazing job building out this high-profile permitted inventory in some of the top neighborhoods and cities in the country. We could not be more thrilled about the opportunity in front of us to continue to build out this portfolio with the expanded team.”

For the last eight years, LURE Outdoor has led the way in curating and developing niche “can’t miss” eye-level billboards and in-window displays, capturing consumers’ attention with bold and innovative campaigns. LURE’s assets have allowed brands to break through the busiest, most desirable streets and neighborhoods to connect with consumers.

“With shared values and a shared love for street-level OOH media, joining Pearl is the ideal next step for LURE to grow. We are excited to see Pearl’s vision for the combined entity come to fruition,” Jonny Kaloudis, CEO of LURE, said.