Orland, new head of Medical Society of N.J., says profession needs to adjust its thinking

‘We need to open our eyes to the larger medical world beyond the individual doctor-patient relationship’

Dr. Steven Orland, a board-certified urologist with a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and a medical degree from Columbia University, was recently installed as the 230th president of the Medical Society of New Jersey.

And he promises to bring some new ideas.

Orland, who has been a member of MSNJ since 1987 and member of MSNJ’s board of trustees since 2017, said the pandemic has changed the way medicine should be practiced.

“If the last two years has taught us anything, it is that we need to open our eyes to the larger medical world beyond the individual doctor-patient relationship,” he said in his inaugural speech.

He went on to outline other goals or his upcoming term:

“There are significant inequalities in the health care system, and these became more obvious during the pandemic — things like population health, maternal health and the effects of the pandemic on minority populations,” he said.

“During my presidency, I am dedicated to examining issues and discovering solutions that would improve the overall state of health care here in New Jersey.”

He said some of his priorities include:

  • Further examining the prior authorization process, so that physicians can concentrate on delivering quality care and patients can receive the treatments they need without having to go through any hurdles.
  • Improving the physician workforce in New Jersey by working collaboratively with the Legislature and other stakeholders to improve the licensure process and loan forgiveness programs.
  • Promoting team-based care, with physicians leading the team, to ensure patients receive the top-quality care they deserve.
  • Advocating for easier, quicker technology adoption in medical practices and health care institutions across the state, so physicians who are interested in electronic medical records systems and electronic health information exchanges can easily implement and utilize them.

MSNJ CEO Larry Downs said the group expects great things from Orland.

“Dr. Orland is a respected leader and professional — deeply committed to his patients, fellow colleagues and the greater public as a whole,” Downs said.

“As our health care landscape in New Jersey continues to change, Dr. Orland possesses the intuition, knowledge and passion needed to advocate on behalf of our members and physicians throughout the state. I am confident that he will lead our organization well, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome him as our new president for the 2022-2023 term.”

Orland is a board-certified urologist with New Jersey Urology, a Summit Health company, practicing in Mercer County and in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

He is a member of the Mercer County Medical Society and has previously served as president of the society from 2002-2003 and 2014-2016. In addition to his professional associations, Orland also frequently lectures to both physician groups and the general public on a variety of topics pertaining to the field of urology.