NJ Transit unveils technology to ease use for neurodiverse and mobility-challenged customers

New Jersey Transit announced Wednesday the launch of two new technology-focused initiatives to help neurodiverse customers and those with mobility challenges navigate travel on the system more safely and efficiently.

Through its partnership with Magnusmode, NJ Transit will assist autistic and neurodiverse customers with the help of MagnusCards, a free mobile app that combines the instruction of an autism educational specialist with real-world images that aid anyone who could use extra guidance to navigate everyday travel experiences.

“These new tech-focused initiatives will significantly increase accessible public transportation options for those who may not be using the system today,” NJ Transit CEO Kevin Corbett said. “NJ Transit is committed to maximizing access to public transportation for all New Jerseyans, and these enhancements will help us fulfill that commitment.”

Specifically, the partnership with Magnusmode will initially create a set of five MagnusCards “decks” to guide individuals through various aspects of riding NJ Transit buses. Each deck provides step-by-step visual, audio and text instructions that set expectations and ease anxiety.

Funding for Magnusmode was provided by the Senior Citizen & Disabled Resident Transportation Assistance Program, which was created by the state to assist counties throughout New Jersey with their community-based transportation services for disabled or senior residents and to provide resources for increasing the accessibility of NJ Transit services.