Holy Name is 1st hospital to use hunova, innovative technology that helps restore balance

Holy Name is the only hospital in New Jersey to treat patients with the hunova, an innovative technology Holy Name officials are integrated into physical therapy for patients who struggle with balance due to orthopedic injuries and for patients with chronic neurological illnesses, such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

The hunova is a robotic rehabilitation system that supports physicians, physical therapists and patients to assess and restore balance. Holy Name officials said the system provides objective evaluation and treatment for individuals with balance difficulties caused by neurological illness, injury and aging.

The hunova, created by Movendo Technology, is a programmable robotic medical device consisting of two force plates, one on the floor surface and one on an attached seat. These two force plates enable highly sensitive evaluation and active programming of resistance while both standing and sitting. The device can deliver more than 200 exercises for postural control, balance, and core stability.

For patients with orthopedic injuries, the hunova is used for the rehabilitation of the ankle, knee, hip and lumbar region of the spine, allowing the patient to perform mobilization exercises, muscle strengthening, and balance control. In the neurological arena, hunova is used for post-stroke functional reeducation, for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the central nervous system and lesions of the peripheral nervous system, providing exercises of postural control, balance and core stability.

Holy Name is using the technology at HNH Fitness in Oradell, which is home to the Holy Name Center for Physical Rehabilitation. It intends to add a second hunova machine at the Center for Physical Rehabilitation’s flagship location at Holy Name in Teaneck.

Dr. Mary Ann Picone, the medical director of Holy Name’s Alfiero & Lucia Palestroni Multiple Sclerosis Center, said the hunova machine has great impact.

“Balance is the key to all movement, and plays a critical role in our ability to successfully complete daily activities,” she said. “We’re proud to offer the latest technology to best enable our patients to improve their balance and, consequently, their quality of life.”

Reg Grant, the director of human performance at Holy Name, agreed.

“We’re pleased to add not one but two robotic devices to our arsenal of diagnostic, treatment and training tools,” he said. “Whether patients come to us for orthopedic rehabilitation or to regain balance due to a neurological illness, our commitment to offering the most advanced technology means that patients regain their confidence and get back on their feet quicker.”