ROI Influencers: Manufacturing 2022


From chemicals to cannabis, food products to fabricated metal, and energy to electronics, New Jersey’s manufacturing industry helps to drive the state’s economy. Its impact is wide and deep — and far greater than many realize.

Manufacturing in New Jersey isn’t just prevalent, it’s a sprawling industry represented in all 21 counties by more than 9,000 manufacturing businesses, and nearly 2,000 more when including STEM and engineering firms. Manufacturing employs nearly 340,000 residents. In addition, statistics show the sector contributed more than $54 billion to the state’s GDP in 2021 — nearly 10% of the total.

The 2022 ROI Influencers: Manufacturing list honors men and women and their businesses that represent the small and midsize companies that make New Jersey go. They all share a passion for the industry, many are family owned, often in their second (or third) generation of leadership. All are essential. Here’s a look at the honorees.

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