Report: Valley, Atlantic, Virtua among top health care brand names in country

Valley Health System in Ridgewood was one of four health systems to be ranked among the Top 100 leading health care brands, according to a national report, “Humanizing Brand Experience,” released this month.

Valley Health ranked No. 8 overall on a list that featured the Cleveland Clinic in the top spot. Other systems honored included: Atlantic Health System (No. 37), Virtua Health (No. 47) and Jefferson Health (No. 94).

Humanizing Brand Experience is in its fifth edition and is widely recognized as the most comprehensive report in the industry.

The ratings are derived from a study of more than 28,000 health care decision-makers across the country, led by Monigle, a leading creative experience company; the American Hospital Association; and the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development.

The report provides an in-depth blueprint for how people think about health care and how they make decisions, through a multitude of quantifiable factors. The dimensions are dynamic and draw on cues from all the senses: intellectual, emotional, sensorial and behavioral.

Chrisie Scott, the chief marketing officer at Virtua Health, said the research helps Virtua’s leadership team understand how people are connecting to and experiencing its brand.

“Brands simplify very complex choices in health care,” she said. “Since there is no more personal or important choice than who you select to guide you and your family’s health care, we recognize that our brand needs to connect on an emotional, human level as well as an intellectual, practical one.”

Scott adds that the research is important because it gives health care a better understanding of what motivates and drives consumer connections and loyalty.

“The closer we get to understanding people and earning their trust, the better we get at being a force for good in ways they value most,” she said.