Princeton Junction-based pharma manufacturing redevelopment specialist purchases Novartis’ U.K. site

International Process Plants of Princeton Junction on Tuesday said its subsidiary, Humber Industrials, which specializes in redeveloping closed manufacturing sites, has purchased Novartis‘ manufacturing plant in Grimsby, England, according to a Tuesday news release.

The plant was slated for closure back in 2018, but Novartis encountered unexpected higher demand for two medicines and had to temporarily keep the site operational.

The world-class and -scale active pharmaceutical ingredient plant includes 500,000 square feet of buildings across three distinct process/manufacturing buildings containing 90 reaction suites, 17 centrifuges, 26 dryer systems, three milling systems, 10 solvent recovery systems, modern lab and offices, and a wastewater treatment facility, steam, electric, water, industrial gases and natural gas connections.

Production under Novartis will continue until December and will be handed over to IPP’s Humber subsidiary following a wind-down of operations during 2023.

“We are very excited to transition this fully-integrated API pharmaceutical site, with its substantial reaction capacity, site infrastructure and attractive location; we are confident in the potential opportunities to redevelop and utilize the campus,” Ronald Gale, CEO of IPP, said. “With today’s on-shoring efforts to eliminate long supply chains and supply insecurity, we are bullish on the future of this well-positioned site. While the specific future use of this site remains to be determined, we are confident that its capabilities and our experience will be a successful combination.”