Englewood Health is first in U.S. to pilot new thermal energy treatment for varicose veins

Englewood Health announced it is offering a new treatment for varicose veins, without the need for any kind of anesthesia or infiltration.

Utilizing an emerging technology: Sonovein echotherapy, this no-incision, no-scar treatment is designed to provide patients relief from their varicose vein symptoms and a quick return to normal activities following the procedure.

On May 6 and 7, Englewood Health entered the first four patients in the U.S. to receive this novel therapy into the trial. In each case, the Sonovein treatment was administered, which requires no anesthesia.

During echotherapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound waves target veins and generate thermal energy to deliver to the veins, which shrinks them and ultimately seals them closed.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be the first and only hospital to trial this technology for this indication. But, more importantly, we really appreciate our patients for participating and helping to improve vein care for all,” Dr. Steve Elias, director of the Center for Vein Disease at Englewood Health, explained.

At least three out of every 10 people experience varicose veins in their lifetimes. In a healthy leg vein, the surrounding muscles, combined with the vein walls and valves, work together to ensure that blood is transported against gravity from the legs back toward the heart.

If the vein valves no longer function properly — or the elasticity of the vascular walls weaken — a blood build-up can occur in the legs. This enlarges the vein walls, causing varicose veins to develop and the possible onset of symptoms like itchy, swollen or heavy-feeling legs. If left untreated, such symptoms can worsen over time, resulting in leg ulcers and other complications.