Ayr Wellness to begin adult-use sales in its three New Jersey dispensaries

Three more dispensaries in New Jersey will be serving adult-use customers beginning Wednesday.

With the opening of Ayr Wellness Inc., which currently operates its New Jersey dispensaries under the Garden State banner in Woodbridge, Union and Eatontown, the number of outlets that provide recreational cannabis in New Jersey bring the total number of medical marijuana dispensaries selling recreational cannabis to 16, with two more on the way.

The Garden State facilities are all within central New Jersey, a region of 3.4 million people.

“With the simultaneous opening of our three adult-use dispensaries, Ayr immediately has one of the largest adult-use retail footprints in the state of New Jersey. This marks a monumental step for our company,” Jonathan Sandelman, founder, chairman and CEO of Ayr, stated.

Adult-use cannabis sales in the state topped $24 million in the first month alone, with only 12 dispensaries, according to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

“I want to thank the towns of Woodbridge, Union and Eatontown for being such great partners throughout this process. We are committed to being a great neighbor, and we appreciate the level of trust that these municipalities have placed in us,” said Julie Winter, Ayr’s vice president of retail operations in New Jersey.

Adult-use sales in New Jersey officially began five weeks ago. Cannabis data company BDSA expects New Jersey to be the third-largest contributor to overall U.S. sales growth by 2026, projected to generate an annual revenue of $2.3 billion in total legal cannabis sales.