Bergman partners with BetterSpaces for workplace wellness and tenant engagement programming

Woodbridge-based Bergman Real Estate Group launched a partnership with BetterSpaces to bring workplace wellness and tenant engagement programming to its tenants at select Bergman office properties.

BetterSpaces offers science-backed health, wellness and fitness programming through building-wide and tenant-level engagements with employees. The programs cover mental health, workplace well-being, physical fitness, personal enrichment and professional development.

“BetterSpaces helps companies like ours offer more value to our tenants,” Michael Bergman, CEO, Bergman Real Estate Group, stated. “We are now able to provide weekly classes and other fun events and activities at our buildings that we feel create a new level of interest and a sense of community for our tenants.”

According to Bergman, BetterSpaces will be offering on-site, in-person weekly classes focused on health, fitness, art and general well-being activities at the following Bergman properties: Century Campus in Parsippany, Jefferson Exchange in Whippany, 500 College Road East in Princeton and 7 Giralda Farms in Madison.

In addition, BetterSpaces will be providing quarterly tenant events at these and several other Bergman owned/managed office buildings.

And, most importantly, all Bergman tenants and their employees at all properties will have access to the BetterSpaces app, which offers 15 live classes per week and a slate of on-demand digital programs that focus on health, wellness, mindfulness and fitness.

Employee well-being is closely linked to performance at the office. According to BetterSpaces, happy and engaged employees report improved productivity, accuracy and higher sales than those who feel disconnected from their work. In an environment where the number of disengaged employees is high — more than 8 out of 10 employees report feeling disengaged — a program like BetterSpaces can help support the needs of a workforce emerging from a global pandemic.

“Many employers are thinking of creative ways to offer more to their employees as they return to the office,” Bergman said. “A wellness program like the one we are offering through BetterSpaces is an attractive, exciting and inviting incentive program that tenants in our properties can enjoy at no cost to them or their employees.”

“People need culture and community now more than ever,” said Keith Angell, co-founder of BetterSpaces. “We’re extremely pleased to be working with Bergman to bring these amenities to its tenants.”