CentralReach, continuing effort to increase hiring of neurodiverse individuals, launches 2.0 version of avail program

Software solution, avail by CentralReach, enables adults with autism and IDD to work independently on the job

CentralReach, one of the country’s leading providers of autism and IDD care software, announced Tuesday the launch of the newest version of its avail software, which provides remote workflow support for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The software will allow individuals and companies to accomplish goals related to pre-employment, job readiness skills, on-the-job work tasks and independent living. The latest version of the solution simplifies task analysis, provides step-by-step digital instruction and more to help neurodiverse employees master job-related tasks and achieve independence in the workplace faster.

CentralReach, based in Matawan, said avail 2.0 underscores the pressing need for innovative technology to support more neurodiverse employment. With an estimated 80% of adults with an IDD unemployed, avail 2.0 provides a renewed hope for more neurodiverse talent in the workforce and an opportunity for organizations to fill open job positions with a largely untapped talent pool, officials said.

The digital solution also can be used to supplement and reinforce applied behavior analysis therapy that is delivered in home and in schools.

Lisa Marie Clinton, managing director of avail by CentralReach, said the potential impact is huge.

About CentralReach

CentralReach is the leading provider of autism and IDD care software, providing the only complete, end-to-end software and services platform that helps children and adults diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and related intellectual and developmental disabilities — and those who serve them — unlock potential, achieve better outcomes and live more independent lives. With its roots in applied behavior analysis, the company is revolutionizing how the lifelong journey of autism and IDD care is enabled at home, school and work with powerful and intuitive solutions purpose-built for each care setting.

Trusted by more than 125,000 professionals globally, CentralReach is committed to ongoing product advancement, market-leading industry expertise, world-class client satisfaction and support of the autism and IDD community to propel autism and IDD care into a new era of excellence.

“We recognize the valuable impact that leveraging technology can bring to the autism and IDD community,” she said. “We are thrilled to bring the second version of our avail solution to market. This next generation will further bolster the neurodiverse employment and adult transition market, as well as the therapy provider and special education markets, with tools to streamline increased capabilities and support the lifelong care journey for individuals diagnosed with autism and IDD.”

The new avail 2.0 is CentralReach’s first major product release since the organization announced the creation of a new category, Autism and IDD Care Software, last month. It features enhancements and improvements to:

  • Augment one-to-one skills training with a remote support tool to increase independence at work and daily living;
  • Reduce high-level support with digital prompting to build confidence through repetition;
  • Decrease onsite support presence with self-directed learning allowing the individual to fit in more naturally and free up time for staff to help more individuals;
  • Develop quicker content deployment allowing supports to create tasks onsite in real time;
  • Build future training with an enhanced task library system for easy sharing capabilities across the organization;
  • Establish a more collaborative experience allowing key stakeholders within a support network (i.e., caregiver, job coach, teacher, etc.) to be part of the journey in reaching independence.

CentralReach CEO Chris Sullens said the company remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing the growing autism and IDD care gap.

“With this new version of avail, we are eager to bring enhanced support to neurodiverse individuals in their journey towards achieving increased autonomy in all aspects of their life,” he said. “The introduction of avail 2.0 also follows through on our promise to deliver therapy providers, educators and job coaches integrated, purpose-built software solutions that enable them to unlock the full potential of the individuals they work with in an effective and cost-efficient way.”