Middlesex County embraces era of specialized education with new name and branding of its traditional vo-tech programs

Officials feel new name (Middlesex County Magnet Schools) and logo will help drive regional awareness of increased opportunities for county students

Middlesex County officials embrace the fact that their vocational schools have more than 100 years of history serving the county.

Their focus, however, is on the future.

On Thursday, county officials unveiled Middlesex County Magnet Schools, a new name and visual identity they feel more accurately presents the exceptional, specialized education — with a heavy emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics — that the county offers all Middlesex County students.

The branding, which will roll out in September, aims to further unify its schools under a brand identity that authentically matches the true experiences and offerings at the Middlesex County Magnet Schools.

The new name and visual identity will be rolled out at each campus, from signage to student IDs. Students can expect their day-to-day school experience to remain the same, including each respective school’s mascot.

Ronald Rios.

County Commissioner Director Ronald Rios and a host of county and school officials said they feel the new branding can have great impact on the school, its students and the county.

“This school district has grown and evolved with the times, expanding the program offerings to include not only skills-based training, but rigorous academic coursework as well — particularly in STEM subjects,” Rios said.

“The county fully supports the changes taking place in this school district. In fact, they are in keeping with Destination 2040, the county’s master plan for long-term economic success. I know that I speak on behalf of the entire board of county commissioners when I say that I have full confidence in the district’s ability to continue providing the current generation of learners and future generations the opportunity to explore their interests and develop the knowledge and skills they need to achieve success in our community.”

The new logo.

Middlesex County Magnet Schools will serve approximately 2,200 high school students and roughly 400 adult students annually at its six schools (including adult education) located on five campuses throughout Middlesex County.

Each school offers specialized educational paths, including:

  • East Brunswick: Fine arts and performing arts programs, pre-engineering and robotics;
  • Perth Amboy: Culinary arts to computer science;
  • Piscataway: Finance and banking; physical therapy and exercise science;
  • Woodbridge and Edison: Allied health and biomedical sciences and additional STEM learning.

Officials said Middlesex County Magnet Schools’ mission is to celebrate different types of talents and recognizing each one as valuable in the world. Students are free to embrace their unique skills, abilities and smarts to unleash their passion.

Through collaboration and partnership — confidence, belonging, safety, self-respect and self-sufficiency are achieved, and students are prepared for what’s next. The official motto for the Magnet Schools summarizes what these schools have to offer, a “North Star” to success: College Ready. Career Ready. Life Ready.

Jorge Diaz.

Superintendent of Schools Jorge E. Diaz said he welcomed the name change of the schools, which had been known as Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools.

“We’ve been innovators and ahead of the curve for over 100 years and, with this new name, we’re continuing to build on that innovative thinking,” he said.

“The world of education is evolving, and the very nature of our schools is meeting the needs of today’s students and future generations, right where they are. Middlesex County Magnet Schools are igniting and enhancing the passion points of young and adult students, providing a clear direction, a ‘North Star’ to success — College Ready. Career Ready. Life Ready. Our students are and will be the bedrock of the county’s workforce of the future, driving economic prosperity.”

Keith Jones II.

Board of education President Keith Jones ll agreed.

“The timing is right for a new name and brand identity that closely describes the kind of learning that happens in our classrooms — it will ensure that students in our community fully understand the range of high-quality educational options they have by simply living in this county,” he said.

“This levels the playing field by providing an educational system that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, where every student has a chance to succeed. The board of education enthusiastically supports and welcomes the exciting changes in this district.”