Nominate someone for the 2022 ROI Influencers: Law

ROI-NJ will produce an ROI Influencers: Law list for the first time later this summer. The creation of such a list has been a frequent request over the years.

As with our other ROI Influencers lists, the goal will be to honor the most impactful lawyers across the state.

Honorees will be determined by the editorial staff at ROI-NJ based on our own impressions and observations during the course of our reporting. While we will ask for specialty areas, honorees will not be selected in categories. It will simply be the best of the best, presented alphabetically.

Due to the large number of attorneys in the state, we are actively seeking nominations from firms.

Here’s what you need to know about the process:


  1. Each firm will designate one person to submit their nominations (all at one time, please).
  2. Each nominee should include the following:
  • Name;
  • High-resolution head shot;
  • Title at firm (partner, member, chair, etc.);
  • Specialty (i.e., bankruptcy, real estate, health care, etc.);
  • Law school;
  • Reason they should be considered (50-75 words; you can send in a bio; you may be better served to have 3-4 bulleted items).
  1. Each submission should include the firm’s logo.
  2. Please use this link to submit each nomination:

Number of nominations

  1. The maximum number of nominees will be determined by the size of the firm:
  • More than 100 attorneys: 5 nominations;
  • Between 40-99 attorneys: 2 nominations;
  • Fewer than 40: 1 nomination.
  1. Please note: Not all nominations will make the final list.
  2. Firms can make a case for additional honorees, but the goal is to make this an exclusive list.
  3. In addition to the nominations above, each firm can make two more nominations in the following categories (please follow the same structure):
  • Managing partner;
  • Rising star (this should be limited to someone who has passed the bar in 2013 or later. In theory, that means they have been practicing for up to eight years — or around the time many firms consider associates for partner).


The deadline for submissions is 5 p.m. Tuesday, July 12.