Disabled female war veteran approved to open Jersey City dispensary

Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez, a wellness business owner and New Jersey City University doctoral student, is executing on her goal of expanding her wellness brand to include cannabis.

The Other Side Dispensary, also known as TOS’D, is Brevard-Rodriguez’s consumption lounge and dispensary located in the Heights section of Jersey City.

With core values based in inclusivity, wellness and social justice, the dispensary’s founder is a disrupter in the industry. Brevard-Rodriguez will be the first Black, LatinX, female, LGBTQ, disabled veteran cannabis operator in the state of New Jersey.

“Our plan is to expand our holistic wellness brand, SW3AT, to The Other Side, where alternative wellness is celebrated,” Brevard-Rodriguez stated. “The consumption lounge part of our business model is critical to ensuring we embrace all forms of social equity and safety for vulnerable populations. It’s bifurcated for now, but we’ll get there. Let’s not allow that to overshadow this accomplishment. Tonight, we made history.

“This approval demonstrates Jersey City’s commitment to ensuring that diverse populations have the opportunity to be leaders in the cannabis industry.”