Montclair State launches 2 new online business programs: Analytics for HR, digital marketing

Beginning in the fall of 2022, Montclair State University will offer two new online business programs — a STEM-designated Master of Science in digital marketing analytics and a STEM-designated Master of Science in human resources analytics, according to a Wednesday announcement

“Based on a recent report from McKinsey & Co., marketing and HR/talent management are two business areas making heavy use of data and data analytics tools for planning and problem solving, ” Elizabeth Rosini, associate dean, Montclair State University’s Feliciano School of Business, stated. “Our mission is to continue innovating our online business programs, so our students can compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced business environment, as well as balance work, family and personal goals. These newest analytics graduate degrees will help our students stay relevant and gain the edge they need to meet the ever-growing needs of an evolving workplace.”

While human resources analytics is a relatively new discipline, it is growing at an extraordinary rate and is quickly becoming an essential competency for human resources professionals. The use of HR analytics solutions to make data-driven decisions has become even more critical for monitoring and measuring organizational and employee productivity.

The STEM-designated Master of Science in human resources analytics program is designed to meet the needs of organizations for optimized talent acquisition, benefits management and leadership development and fuses HR principles with data analysis to provide students with up-to-date, functional HR knowledge and modern tools to solve problems and make informed decisions. The program is composed of two stackable certificates, in HR management and business analytics, and culminates in capstone courses in human resources analytics, including a practicum experience.

Likewise, over the past decade, digital marketing has become fully integrated with business analytics practices, and mastery of both is key to advancing digital marketing careers and strengthening business strategy. Marketing analytics enables businesses to better understand the performance of their marketing campaigns and conduct comparative analyses to determine which applications yield the best results. The STEM-designated Master of Science in digital marketing analytics program is designed to combine cutting-edge digital marketing and business analytics fundamentals with real-world skills and experiences to prepare marketing professionals to meet current and future demands on both a local and global scale. The program offers a fully online, uniquely balanced learning experience, with desirable professional certifications built into the curriculum.