Serotonin Centers signs multiunit development deal for 5 franchises in N.J.

Serotonin is the “feel good” hormone — the one whose function is to stabilize humans’ feelings of well-being and overall happiness. On Wednesday, Serotonin Centers announced it is opening the first of five anti-aging and wellness centers right in Colts Neck, with the goal of providing next-level wellness and longevity treatment options.

The franchise was established in 2021 by fitness industry entrepreneur and New Jersey native Eric Casaburi in Florida and is making its way to the Northeast in the coming months after signing a multiunit development agreement for five new centers in central New Jersey.

The development deal serves as a significant milestone for the quickly-emerging brand, marking not only the first agreement to be awarded in New Jersey, but also the first centers to introduce the Serotonin brand outside of Florida.

At the helm of these new centers will be Dr. Lisa Granado and Danielle D’Alessio, co-owners who bring with them decades of experience servicing the medical needs of families and individuals throughout the area as a practicing physician and physician assistant in emergency medicine, respectively. More recently, their shared interest in preventative medicines and anti-aging treatments inspired them to explore and seek out the Serotonin Centers brand.

As the nation’s first franchise brand to enter the anti-aging and hormone treatment space, Serotonin Centers has attracted a loyal base of clients in local markets, while also catering to those flying in from around the country to receive groundbreaking services offered by the franchise. With its vast lineup of next-level wellness, longevity treatment options and membership tiers, the one-stop shop offers cutting-edge hormone restoration, aesthetic enhancement, weight control and immunity response treatments.

“The arrival of the Serotonin franchise in the local market is a significant step towards assisting those wanting to recalibrate and optimize their personal well-being,” D’Alessio said. “We are excited to deliver innovative services that will help people live healthier and fuller lives.”

Having acted as crusaders for health and wellness their entire careers, Granado and D’Alessio said they are confident about building a deep roster of New Jersey clients who are eager to take advantage of new advancements in the anti-aging and wellness industry, while simultaneously creating rewarding lives for themselves.

“In a paradoxical way, the pandemic has caused the industry to grow, as it’s forced more people to think about their health in a way they hadn’t in the past,” Granado said. “More than ever, people are realizing that, once health is lost, it’s difficult to regain. As a result, a proactive approach to personal wellness is taking hold, which has worked to propel Serotonin’s growth.”

Casaburi, an experienced entrepreneur in growing fitness and wellness franchises into national brands, said Granado and D’Alessio are a great fit for Serotonin.

“As medical professionals with a passion for preventative wellness, these women will serve to further Serotonin’s mission to help people feel better and improve their health span.”