ARC Acrylic opens facility in Edison to address needs of hospitality, retail and restaurant industries

Acrylic table. - ARC

Custom acrylic furniture is being manufactured in Edison after ARC Acrylic officially launched its design facility to positively affect the production quality and delivery times of products in the U.S. and Europe.

The company in a Tuesday announcement said it partnered with the leading acrylic/plexiglass manufacturers to seamlessly address the custom wholesale needs of hospitality, retail, restaurant and consumer service industries.

“ARC aims to deliver unsurpassed custom design capabilities with the lowest costs on the market,” Diana Wright, ARC Acrylic head of global marketing, stated. “The company’s presence in the U.S. is integral to improving both the quality of goods and, more importantly now, the speed of delivery.”

ARC said it delivers both the lowest wholesale costs on the market as well as the “unsurpassed quality of material goods.” But, it is its speed that sets it apart from other companies.

According to ARC, it will see to it that customers receive a prototype of their piece within three weeks after design approval, be certain to deliver an order within four weeks; and see to it that the arrival of finished goods to any location on the globe is completed in 3-6 weeks, depending on customer’s choice of carrier.